1. What is Delco Dispatch?

Delco Dispatch receives all fire and EMS dispatches occurring in Delaware County and publishes them on the web. Calls are published as they go out, and are uploaded to our website live, so the experience you get while sitting on our website is the same experience you get as you sit on Facebook, watching your friends' posts appear immediately.


2. What other features does Delco Dispatch offer?

Besides the live feed found on the home page (www.delcodispatch.com) we also offer emergency alerts using text messages, email, and Active911.

Imagine for a moment that your grandmother lives by herself in the next town. She's pretty independent, but she is becoming unsteady on her feet. If she experienced a fall and ended up in the hospital, your family might not find out until she's in a bed at the hospital.

Using Delco Dispatch, you can setup an alert to notify you or other members of your family as soon as an ambulance or firetruck is sent to your grandmother's address, allowing you to be with her prior to an ambulance arriving at her door.


3. I've been using alerts for free. Why do I have to pay for them now?

We would love to continue to offer our services for free, but web hosting, databases, and email services cost a fair amount of money. We have a dedicated team of developers who donate their time to create and support the cool services we provide, but ultimately we need to pay our bills.


4. What else is offered with a Delco Dispatch subscription?

We offer two subscription levels in addition to our free account registration. See everything included in our different subscription levels.

With a free account, you will see all emergencies occurring in the County. You can setup 2 emergency alerts to be sent to your cell phone (via text message) or email address. Free accounts are limited to 3 messages per day. Due to bandwidth limitations, there may be up to a 10 minute delay on your live call feed.

With a silver subscription, all delays on the live call feed are removed. This means that you see calls on your screen almost immediately after they are sent out to EMTs, Paramedics, and Firefighters around the County. You are also able to setup 5 different emergency alerts to be sent to your cell phone (via text message) or email address. In addition, if you have an Active911 account from your fire company or ambulance corps, you can *add your device to Delco Dispatch and setup 3 alerts to be sent to your phone with Active911. To setup Active911 alerts, you will need to obtain your "device code" from the person who manages Active911 at your fire company or ambulance corps.

With a gold subscription, you receive everything included in the silver subscription. In addition, you can setup a total of 10 emergency alerts to be sent to your cell phone (via text message) or email address. You will receive a free Active911 subscription and you can setup an unlimited number of Active911 alerts.


5. I have a question not on this page. Where do I go for help?

Here is a link to our contact page. From anywhere else on the site, you can use the toolbar at the top of the screen to click on Contact from the Help dropdown. We'll be more than happy to help out with anything that's not covered here. We will update this page periodically as certain questions become common. You can also get in touch with us on social media by tweeting @DelcoDispatch or sending us a message on Facebook. Follow us for the latest updates.