About Delco Dispatch

Delco Dispatch was founded in July of 2013. The project began as a way for a few EMTs and firefighters to gain some better insight into the world around them. As that group of people used Delco Dispatch during their paid and volunteer shifts at local ambulance stations, firehouses, and medic units, they made suggestions and reported bugs about the site. With the help of that small group of people, Delco Dispatch became a platform that emergency responders from each corner of Delaware County, Pennsylvania could utilize to better inform them of events going on around them.

The main functionality of Delco Dispatch is the live feed of calls being dispatched from the Delaware County Communications Center. As an emergency takes place, dispatchers send fire apparatus, ambulances, and advanced life support units to intervene in whatever circumstance the caller needs assistance. Those calls appear in order on our live feed. In many instances, duplicate pages for different stations will show up for a given incident; this occurs when multiple units are dispatched to the same incident. The live feed is searchable by date/time, keyword, and specific firehouses, ambulance stations, and medic units. Once a user has entered search paremeters, the parameters can be saved as a filter to be quickly applied during future use.

In addition to the live feed, a user is able to configure alerts to be sent to their computer or mobile device any time an emergency matching specified parameters is dispatched. Parameters can include keywords such as heart attack, stroke, or motor vehicle accident. Alerts can also be configured to monitor individual firehouses, ambulance stations, or medic units.

Empowering an emergency responder with the knowledge of the situations unfolding around them provides safer, faster, and more efficient emergency response.