Here's a brief overview of what Delco Dispatch enables you to do:

See what's going on
The first page you see when you navigate to is the live call feed. From this page you can see any emergency dispatch being sent to any ambulance corps, fire company, or medic unit in Delaware County. Within each dispatch you can see the address where the emergency is happening, any cross streets, the town, and the date/time the call was received. Additionally, you can see which unit was sent to that specific emegency. The unit will be shown in a colored band specific for the type of unit - blue for ambulance, green for medic, red for fire company, and yellow for other.
Mobile notifications
If you are an EMT, firefighter, or even an interested bystander, you can configure text message/email alerts to be sent directly to your mobile device. Navigate to the (alerts page and setup an alret for a specific station, or for an address/nature of incident (such as cardiac arrest).
Active911 provides a mobile app to let you receive notifications of ongoing emergencies in your area with a push notification directly to your smartphone or tablet. A subscription is required to use Active911 with Delco Dispatch, but the benefits are numerous. Typically, an Active911 account through a firehouse will send you calls going on in only that jurisdiction. With Delco Dispatch, you can configure any alert in Delaware County to be sent to your Active911-enabled device.
Take a look around
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Every new account gets a free one-month Gold Subscription trial. After that month ends, some premium features will no longer be available without purchasing a subscription, but the core functionality of the site will always be free.

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